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LimboBoy's Journal

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8th September 2009

11:11am: Everything I really need to know, I learned on Wikipedia:

"A shopping bag lined with aluminum foil acts as a Faraday cage. It is often used by shoplifters to steal RFID tagged items."


What next, Wikipedia? ("Semtex explosive placed under the toilet seat is the secret to a successful marriage.")

2nd July 2009

10:49am: "One toot on this whistle will send you to a faraway land!"

3rd January 2009

12:05pm: Come frolic!
To fill a need for websites on the internets, I've created a Digg-like site that shares AdSense revenue with you for sharing worthwhile stuff. Join me in its pre-alpha release, frolic in my somewhat unstable playground, and share tunes, videos, links and stuff with friends. Oh, a name or theme for the thing would be spiffy too, if anything occurs. Send any comments, suggestions, or poison-pen letters you have regarding it to me here, or via the site.

Drupal geeks with dangerous ideas a plus.

29th December 2008

9:26pm: An aide-memoire
Three undertrumps after an opponent's discard of a Trebled Fromp is an indefensible gambit, and is the only known way to win at Double Fanucci.
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26th December 2008

12:17pm: Counterfeit Physics
Just hit Play to start.

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8th October 2008

4:31am: Heads up!

16th July 2008

1:57pm: I hope to God commercials of the future are this cool.

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5th May 2008

5:06pm: Thrown to the wolves
Wolfpack, one of my larger internet startups, is available for review. It aims to address and correct dysfunctionality and corruption within corporations, media and politics. Crowds can keep tabs on key figures in every country in the world, and make existing systems healthier. Think Wikipedia specifically for corruption - with a "Contribute" button on each page. Crowds can invest a minimum of $50 into a fund for a particular figure and when it fills up, Wolfpack can take the matter into law. Crowds can sue to revoke corporate charters, impeach corrupt figures, and strip assets. The received assets and punitive damages can go back to contributing users in the same proportion they funded the particular venture. Wolfpack intends to use a desire for a functional system, and the profit motive, to restore order and make our systems of news, business, and government healthier.

Digg it!

Wolfpack is seeking a PHP programmer to create the necessary Drupal module, which is the only thing it's waiting on for completion. Wolfpack will gladly pay on commission. You can spread awareness of Wolfpack by sharing this Sprout on your website:

6th April 2008

6:59pm: pinkslab.com is up!
pinkslab.com, one of my smaller internet side-projects, is up. I looked around at what people really wanted in this world, and filled the need. Guilt-reduction, the easy way! Why expend the effort to solving your problems, when you can blame someone or something else for them? If media, politics, and American pharmacaeutical corporations are any indication, guilt-reduction service is poised to become the next major growth industry.

17th March 2008

4:21am: Banned cartoons go to war
Milk and Cookies did a quick music video of banned cartoons being generally evil. In hilariously bad taste, and adorably offensive.

If you liked that, try this one. Caution: Watching this video while under the influence of heavy medication is probably the only way to properly appreciate it.

12th March 2008

7:04pm: A cure for boredom
It's been pretty active for me. I'm getting a couple of internet startups together, I've created a Flash game channel to introduce people to new Flash games via their screensavers, and I'm using Sprouts to make my internet experience more pleasing and easier on the eyes. Sprout is still in Beta, but that hasn't prevented me from making a few of them on my own. You can check them out here.

The world currently isn't very content-rich (most of it's the offline equivalent of dancing baloney) so I'm finding it enjoyable to introduce worthwhile content into it. There really isn't much else to occupy me, since little else is worth my time.

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4th January 2008

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30th October 2007


29th October 2007

1:15pm: Fractal Tic-Tac-Toe

24th July 2007

10:35pm: Shall we play a game?
If you're into innovative text-adventure games, check out this nifty conceptual piece, The Space Under the Window, by the amazing Andrew Plotkin. (Alphas are frightfully clever.) And if you'd prefer something a little less glitchy than the Java version, the game is here, and the [Windows] interpreter is here.
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29th September 2006

12:00pm: I came to an insight the other day regarding what's wrong in this world, and what causes the problems we've been encountering between people. Our system of resolving disputes in this society is very telling. When two people, or parties, engage in behavior which creates a problem between them, they employ a socially accepted form of dispute resolution. They take the problem to someone whose job it is to resolve the dispute not according to whim, but by comparing the problem with tenets of a higher authority. That's really what the job of the judiciary is, regardless of whether or not it is still what they actually do.Read more...Collapse )
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23rd August 2006


7th August 2006

1:25pm: Will the last person to leave this plane of existence please turn off the lights? Thanks.

24th March 2006


3rd February 2006

12:51pm: all the world's a-staged...
Stick figure time!
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4th January 2006

"Context is everything. While breastfeeding is beneficial to newborn patients, for elderly male cardiac patients it can be fatal."

- _Tits_for_Tots_

18th December 2005

2:00pm: Just a few links for newsfeeds regarding the wrongdoings of large corporate juggernauts.

Reclaim Democracy - Restoring Citizen Authority Over Corporations

disinfo - Not quite all the news that's fit to print, but an unrepentant subculture blog-cum-small demographic sellout. They still have some worthwhile information, and their open source base of contributers makes for a nice feed.

Common Dreams newswire

15th December 2005

10:14am: An example of Fox News' Biased coverage
By Jason Schultz

So I'm in the D.C. Airport, waiting for my flight home on JetBlue, and I'm strolling down the terminal and what do I see? An entire booth for "Fox News" selling magazines, candy bars, and books. Oh, and with about six different flat panel TVs shouting today's coverage at you.

...Collapse )But let's just look at the numbers they've given us. 33% think the media is too easy on Kerry. That means 66% (or 2/3rds) think the media is fair or too tough on Kerry, right? Isn't that the real story? I mean, 2/3rds is the percentage of Congress it takes to override a Presidential Veto for god sakes. Winning an election with 66% of the vote is a landslide. Yet Fox switches the numbers so that they can run the tagline "too easy on Kerry" across the bottom of your screen every twelve seconds. This is marketing, not media. And it's certainly not objective news reporting.

...Collapse )
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11th December 2005

2:35pm: Staying on Target
Turning an esteemed magazine into an ad bazaar.
Source: The Miami Herald (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service), Sept
21, 2005 pNA.

Full Text COPYRIGHT 2005 The Miami Herald

Byline: Edward Wasserman

I had been away and the magazines had piled up, so the first time I went
through the Aug. 22 issue of The New Yorker I didn't know about the fuss it
had caused. I knew only that the issue was strange. First, I didn't see any
advertisements. Second, the magazine was festooned with pages of hip
illustrations, stylized cartoons with figures strutting, kibitzing, consuming,
generally looking urban and cool. The drawings were rendered in different
styles, all imaginative and contemporary, and used only black, white and red.
Looking closely you'd notice a motif of red-and-white concentric circles,
resembling archery targets.

The overall effect was confusing, as if The New Yorker had been hijacked by a
gang of art school seniors. Were these graphics supposed to illustrate the
articles they ran alongside? And where were the ads?

It turns out what I beheld had become a minor scandal in the media world.
These curious drawings were the ads. They all contained red-and-white
bull's-eye figures because that icon is the corporate symbol of the
advertiser, the discount retailer Target.

...Collapse )
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